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    People are facing lots of issues this is the reason use of medicines has been increased and become the most important of life. So, the medicinal companies use the natural plant to manufacture medicine. Here you read different plants that are widely used to make medicine that include aloe vera, tulsi, mint, fenugreek, fennel, coriander, and many other. However, aloe vera is popularly known as the king medicinal plant that helps to cure constipation, acne, and digestive stress. It even helps to build immunity. Tulsi is another plant that is used to treat cough, treat indigestion, have anti-cancer effects and is also best for hair loss, diabetes, and heart diseases. Some medicine contains mint that plays a great role to boost immunity, treat cough, and improve respiratory health. Fenugreek is used to maintain cholesterol levels, increase appetite, lower blood pressure, and best for joint pains. Do you find this information useful?

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