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JC Valleys Massage

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JC Valleys Massage Therapy offers a full range of specialty massage therapy by an experienced RMT, who personalizes her care to each patient’s individual needs at every age of life. They are highly experienced from newborn to geriatrics.

JC Valleys Massage Therapy approached Caiden Media to build a customized website with interactive features on the web page. They also requested that all the content along with the appointment form should sit within the same webpage. JC Valleys Massage Therapy was looking for a way to show their services on a webpage with seamless user experience in a budgeted manner.

Massage Therapy Web Design

Communicating A Creative Vision

We provided end to end business consultation to JC Valleys Massage Therapy. It was not possible for our client to discuss in person so we took multiple phone calls with them in order to understand their requirements. To hit such challenging tasks, we also planned a structured email communication to share work in progress reports with our client.

Using a custom-built design, we have provided a mobile friendly and highly responsive word press website. To enhance the features of the website we have created a One Pager with scrolling layout along with multi steps appointment form. To increase the SEO ranking we have also embedded Google Map in the website.

To convince online searchers that JC Valleys Massage Therapy is the best place for them, we added information of essential oils which are used during therapy. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are also integrated at top and bottom of the website so that searchers can check daily updates from our client.

Loyalty Program with download option and a calendar to check Senior Days date was also our team’s idea to highlight the interactive features of the website.

Massage Therapy website


With a defined business plan it was possible for us to deliver the project. JC Valleys Massage Therapy was very clear from the beginning of what they wanted. With closed communication, we were successful to transform their requirements with the combination of our ideas.

Web Design For Massage Therapy Clinic

Working with JC Valleys Massage Therapy was challenging and creative for our team. It was a collaborative process that allowed us to create a website that met our client’s needs. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure we were aligned and on target at every-step.

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