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We now live in a world where solutions are always at our fingertips. Today’s consumers are discovering and engaging with local businesses in a completely new way. When problematic situations arise, the first step that your potential clients take is to ask Google for assistance. It is the most common way people find your business.In a highly competitive market, if your business listing does not show up within the top search results, usually occupied by big companies, you can miss out on many opportunities. That’s why, at Caiden Media we utilize a highly intuitive and comprehensive business tool, Local Services by Google, to bridge the gap between you and your prospective clients. 

It is crucial that local businesses create advertisements that give them an edge over the competition. However, budgeting for advertising can be a challenging experience. It can be difficult to determine whether your efforts are giving you enough return on your investment to offset the expenses. Not to worry, at Caiden Media we provide the perfect solution to this problem.


How Google Local Services Works?

Local Services by Google allows clients in your area to find your business easily. 

When they search for services that your business offers, Google will automatically display the ads of relevant businesses that are within the confines of their location. You will only be charged for the advertisement if the customer clicks on it and contacts you directly (by phone) through the Local Services by Google application. 

That is why it is important to understand what key terms your customers are using to search for the services that you offer.

At Caiden Media, our highly experienced team will help you get the most out of your advertisements by targeting the key phrases and optimizing your content so that your ad is given priority over your competition.


How Much Do Google Local Services Cost?

When you use Local Services by Google, you get real-time insight into what returns you are getting on your advertising investment because you’re only paying for advertisements that work. 

Local Services by Google allows you to set your budget so that you can manage your expenses and make the decisions that are right for your company.

If your schedule becomes filled with all of the new customers you’re serving, there is no need to worry, because we can put a hold on your ads at any time.

In essence, you will be able to track your leads and receive a comprehensive breakdown of who your clients are and how well your ads are performing compared to the competition. 


Who Is Eligible To Use Google Local Services?

This unique service is currently only available in Canada to electricians, locksmiths, plumbers and HVAC technicians, some of the unsung heroes of our daily lives.

Additionally, in the United States, we are able to serve a wider range of local businesses such as appliance repair services, carpet cleaning services, pest control services, immigration lawyer services and so much more. 

At Caiden Media, we know how valuable your time is. Let us take care of the marketing and the leg work so that you can focus on being there for your clients when they need you most.

Contact us today to find out about your eligibility.

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