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Kingsway Wholesale is a pharmaceutical wholesale company based in Etobicoke providing quality pharmaceuticals and customer service. They are a DEL-licensed company that specializes in brand name pharmaceutical products. It was important in our partnership to create a custom website that carried over the trusted relationships and reputation that Kingsway Wholesale has built over the last 12 years. Our Digital Marketing Company has set out to provide our client with a strong web interface and features to bring their online presence to life.

Our Toronto Based Digital Marketing Company has had the pleasure of working with Kingsway Wholesale to develop a completely customized website that represented their passion and commitment to providing the best pharmaceutical products in the industry.

Kingsway Wholesale
Web Design For Medical Suppliers

Communicating A Creative Vision

Our client had a specific vision they wanted to bring to life and we took that vision very seriously. With two in-person consultations and multiple phone meetings prior to commencing this project, every suggested detail was discussed between the client and our team. After completing the creative vision, our team got to work. With continued correspondence during the design process, we were able to meet in person and continued with phone meetings to ensure we were  maintaining our client’s vision. Some of the requests included seamless user experience, the ability to easily edit price lists and forms for their customers, and a custom WordPress development.

Our Design Strategy

Once we understood the needs and requests of our client, we started to prepare a site map for this new project. This site map would set out a guideline of the overall user experience and navigation for the entire website. After approval of the site map, we began the structural plans for the user interface. Our team at Caiden Media were focused on developing a custom UI design for Kingsway Wholesale’s clientele – making it simple to access product lists and information as needed.

Transitioning To A Fully Customized User Experience

To ensure our clients that they were getting the most powerful and user friendly experience for their customers, we opted for a completely customized WordPress design and development.

This allowed Kingsway Wholesale to request specific details that we were able to develop and design from the ground up.

Jigme is exceptionally helpful, skilled and professional. He is very diligent with his work as well very friendly. Working with him was wonderful as he is very experienced in his field. Very prompt, Timely and professional.

— Kingsway Wholesale

After following the creative vision of our client, we were able to present a beautifully designed custom website that was responsive and offered an exceptional user experience. Kingsway Wholesale requested that the user experience was straightforward and allowed their customers to access product lists and services as efficiently as possible. Our custom WordPress development also allowed for our client to quickly edit the product lists and services with ease.

Mobile Friendly

During the consultation process, it was important to our client that their services and information could be accessed from any type of device. This is why we opted to develop the new website with a responsive mobile interface as well. Now Kingsway Wholesale’s customers can easily find the information they need with ease of use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Kingsway Wholesale
Kingsway Wholesale Mobile Friendly Website

Custom Icons

We believe that customization is important in creating a well thought out user experience. We used custom icons within the development of this project to improve recognition of each function and to create a seamless user interface.

CMS Training

After the client was presented with their new website design, we offered to give them a training session on how to update the content on their website. With this training, Kingsway Wholesale was now able to make any necessary changes to price lists, forms, and other content independently.

Recommendations: SSL Certificate

Kingsway Wholesale approached our team at Caiden Media with this project while they had their own web hosting but did not yet have a SSL certificate. We used this opportunity to educate our client about the benefits of having a secure web address for their website and how to get one under their current web hosting company.

Web Design for Medical Suppliers

Working with a Medical Supply Company was a new and challenging project for our team at Caiden Media. Although we had never worked with a medical supplier before this, we were prepared to listen and collaborate to come up with something that would truly have an impact on our client’s success.

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