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We have created Google virtual tours for businesses in Toronto, ON. You can schedule a photo-shoot appointment using the button below or scroll down to see examples of Google virtual tours we have created in Toronto, ON.

Google Street View Trusted

What is Google Virtual Tour?

Google virtual tour is a feature that allows businesses big or small from all industries to create an interactive 360 tour of the inside of their business. Where Google Maps street view stops at the street level, Google virtual tour gives customers an opportunity to enter and walk around your business without ever having to leave their house. This will not only improve your Google Business profile but you can also embed your Google virtual tour onto your website. For more information, you can contact us! Caiden Media is a Google Trusted Photographer which means we are certified to help you with your Google virtual tours!

Google Virtual Tour Examples in Toronto, ON

Ikkousha Ramen Chicken

Ikkousha Ramen Chicken is the first Toronto location of the popular Japanese ramen chain. The Google virtual tour we created allows them to show off the store’s cozy seating for groups and for people who come by themselves.

Kung Fu Tea on Cumberland

Light and fresh Kung Fu Tea brings a twist to typical tea’s with their use of honey. We created this Google virtual tour to show that this location can be a grab-and-go but also a relaxing place to hang-out with your friends. 

Ink Living Color

Ink Living Color is committed to bringing ideas into reality and creating meaningful art for their clients. We created this Google virtual tour to showcase the space they have to create their beautiful work.

Achievement Nails & Spa

The professional team at Achievement Nails & Spa aims to give clients a refreshing and relaxing experience. This Google virtual tour was created to show the comfort of their space as well as the wide range of services they provide.  

Park Lawn Physiotherapy

Only needing simple equipment, your own body weight, and gravity you can perform your prescribed exercises and achieve your health goals. This Google virtual tour shows the space they use for your one-on-one time and the basic equipment they use to help you.

Party Warehouse Outlet and Classic Event Decor

Need to play a party or get together? Look no further than Party Warehouse, a one stop shop for supplies and planning services. With a wide variety of products and services this Google virtual tour captures everything they have to show.

The Toronto Heschel School

The first Jewish Day School in ON to reach Platinum EcoSchool status, Toronto Heschel School offers classes from JK-Grade 8. This Google virtual tour we created allows them to show off their facility to potential students and their parents.

Eye Candy Opticians Ltd.

Striving to provide the finest optometric services in Toronto, Eye Candy Opticians is a full service eye and vision care provider. Use our Google virtual tour to check out what they have in stock and also check out their equipment. 

Pace Law Firm

Personal injury lawyers can help you with a variety of accidents. With over 125 legal professionals they are able to represent all types of personal injury claims. Use our Google virtual tour to take a walk around their office space. 

Google Virtual Tour Price List

1 - 5
  • Under 800 Sq.Ft.
  • 2 Rooms or less
  • $500
    6 - 10
  • Under 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • 4 Rooms or less
  • $600
    11 - 20
  • Under 3000 Sq.Ft.
  • 9 Rooms or less
  • $750
    21 - 30
  • Under 4500 Sq.Ft.
  • 14 Rooms or less
  • $900
    31 - 40
  • Under 6000 Sq.Ft.
  • 19 Rooms or less
  • $1050
    41 - 50
  • Under 7500 Sq.Ft.
  • 24 Rooms or less
  • $1200
    51 - 60
  • Under 9000 Sq.Ft.
  • 29 Rooms or less
  • $1350
    61 - 70
  • Under 10500 Sq.Ft.
  • 34 Rooms or less
  • $1500
    71 - 80
  • Under 12000 Sq.Ft.
  • 39 Rooms or less
  • $1650
    81 - 90
  • Under 13500 Sq.Ft.
  • 44 Rooms or less
  • $1800
    91 - 100
  • Under 15000 Sq.Ft.
  • 49 Rooms or less
  • $1950
    1 - 5
    6 - 10
    11 - 20
    21 - 30
    31 - 40
    41 - 50
    51 - 60
    61 - 70
    71 - 80
    81 - 90
    91 - 100

    $150 extra for every additional 10 panoramic shots




    STARTS AT $350

    • Ideal for large scale business which has different sections
    • Add navigation links to different sections and allow the customers to navigate the tour using the menu
    • Your business logo could be added to the tour
    • “Hot spots ” can be addressed on the tour. The buttons will be a direct link to any URL you like.

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