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We create custom SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies for car dealerships.

Why Car Dealership SEO and Digital Marketing is Needed Today

Big car dealerships most likely have their websites sorted out with their corporation but individual locations could benefit from our services regarding social media. This will alleviate from having to worry about posting content on a regular basis. Our services can also help smaller used car dealerships. More and more people are interested in purchasing used cars because not only are they cost-effective they are also more environmentally friendly because you’re purchasing a vehicle that was already built and used instead of buying a new one that then leads to further production. Having a website that provides information on services, pricing, location and more in one easy spot will greatly influence your customers before they even step foot near your business. Once they reach your website, the job of the company is straightforward. Convince potential customers why your dealership is the right fit for them. 

SEO Statistics for Car Dealerships

  • 95% of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information
  • 76% of new and used vehicle shoppers run a search before buying ( dialogtech )
  • 75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases
  • In 2017 there was more than a 200% increase in “near me” searches related to automobile and truck dealers ( Hedgecompany )

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We Tackle the Most Competitive Keywords

You can’t convince customers to buy from you if they never reach your website in the first place. That’s where SEO comes in. Implementing SEO tactics make it possible to reach customers reliably so that you can create more sales. There are many ways to do this. One key way is doing keyword research and using those keywords within your website’s content, however, what we want to avoid is overusing keywords to the point where your sentences sound artificial and do not make sense. Content writing is also paramount to success. Without content then there is no way to use keywords or even tell your customers about your business. Developing new and creative content both on the website and other platforms will keep the people viewing your website engaged. Other platforms could be social media. Everybody is using social media nowadays but the majority are of the younger generation who may be in the market for a more cost-effective option instead of buying a new car from a corporate dealership. 

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