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Why Your Driving School Needs SEO?

There are many ways in which driving schools get business. One of the biggest ways is by customers going onto the website either by directly searching the name or searching for “driving schools in the area”. This is a very competitive market as there are many schools that operate in the same city. This means that optimizing your website with SEO allows you to appear higher in search engine results and gain you more clientele than someone who appears lower on the first page or even on another page entirely. There are thousands of searches monthly for driving school related services and unless they search for your business specifically, if you don’t appear on the first-page odds are potential customers will not know about you at all. It is even more important for driving schools that serve many areas so that way they get the maximum exposure possible.

SEO Statistics for Driving School

  • Around 75% of students use Google to research driving schools to get classes. ( PPCCHAMP )
  • Nearly 90% of customers are influenced by a positive review online. ( Drive Scout )

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Our Tactics To Get Your Driving School Website Rank on First Page

It starts with website building. Crafting a website that gives potential customers all the information they need including prices, available locations, and sometimes even online registration. Optimizing both on-page and off-page is what will maximize the response from customers and boost your business up in search engine results. We also assist in content writing, which is just displaying information on your website that features certain keywords that appear more in search results. This can be achieved most effectively by including a blog into your website or even by content that occurs organically on the webpage. Social media is also a big part of driving schools’ appeal. Many of the students are high-school age and are heavily involved with Instagram. So if an account is created with content about the school and little posts that display their knowledge on driving it makes the students feel more at ease knowing what they’ll be learning if they enroll with the school.

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