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Why SEO is Critical for the Success of Your Real Estate Business

Whether it’s a real estate agency or independent realtors, promoting yourself is very important. Unlike other businesses, the real estate sector relies on new clientele instead of recurring. What this means is their best bet is appearing higher in Google when potential customers look for your help. Using SEO is only one step then the rest falls onto the business to provide the service well enough to get positive reviews. This way there are two streams in which your business/service becomes reputable to customers and Google. First accomplishing the task of appearing on the first page of results will get you the customers and then using those customers to help you acquire new ones is the cycle to focus on.

SEO Statistics for Real Estate

  • 90% of home buyers use the internet ( National Association of REALTORS )
  • 44% of all buyers search online for property listings as the first stage of their journey ( National Association of REALTORS )
  • Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without ( Boldcontent )
  • 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research ( National Association of REALTORS )

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Partner Caiden Media For Your Real Estate SEO Services

What we start with is building or revamping your website. Then we work on both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. On-page includes all the content on the page of the website and using industry-specific keywords that will help your website rank higher. We also optimize your title tag and the rest of the content on your webpage including internal linking which is just linking one of the pages on your website to another page which helps the search engine crawl and will keep your visitors engaged and continue flipping through your various pages. Moving to off-page the main point of interest with that is backlinks which are when another website links back to yours. This could be any other website including directories and blogs. What backlinking does is make your website more reliable in the eyes of Google and then it will also grant you more domain authority which will boost your ranking and allow you to be closer to or on the front page of search results. We use your website in combination with social media. Social media is a good way for customers to be exposed to your company aside from your website and Google. While your website link will inevitably be on your Instagram, it’s a way for potential customers to see your values and more personable qualities that might not appear on your website. 

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