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Why Your Accounting Firm Needs to Stand Out from the Online Competition?

The main goal of any business is to acquire new business. While accountants and bookkeepers can somewhat rely on the recurring business they also need to think about accessing newer clientele. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is essential. Accounting firms need to focus on hitting small businesses who have more options as to who they hire since larger businesses may only check-in for year-end third party audits. Using SEO allows smaller firms to compete with larger ones and even take business from them. It is said that the top 3 Google search results receive 75.1% of all clicks, with the first organic result receiving 28.5%.

Some SEO Statistics for Accoutants

  • Over 96% of individuals referred to online reviews on different feedback forums and social media sites prior to contacting a business ( Bright Local )
  • 7 in 10 accountancy websites had simply copied their content from other sites
  • 20% of accountancy firms did not have an SSL certificate (website comes across as ‘not secure’) 
  • 34% of accountancy firms did not have a blog ( rebootonline )

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Our SEO Services For Accountants

The beginning of any successful SEO campaign begins with website development. Whether that be creating a website from scratch or redesigning an existing one. The website is only a base though, there are many on-page and off-page strategies that are used to boost that website to the top of Google search results. These strategies include keyword optimization which is where we use keywords or phrases specific to Google results that will lead users to your website. We also use backlinking as a way to make your website more trustworthy and reputable. This means we find other websites and have them link back to your website which means you become a “source” for that website and are now associated with them. Both of these strategies lead to boosting your domain authority which in turn increases the likelihood of you appearing earlier on in search results. We use your website in conjunction with social media as well. Creating content on your website and creating content on social media go hand in hand. You can use social media to advertise sales as well as any relevant website updates you think your clients would be interested in hearing about.

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