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Why Your Wellness Clinic Needs SEO?

These types of businesses usually offer a multitude of services from massage therapy to acupuncture to naturopathic medicine, but how will clients ever know about all of these if your website is buried under a mountain of search results? That’s where SEO comes in. Before that though to effectively create a successful SEO campaign you need to be confident in your brand. You cannot keep switching concepts every few months as it will become confusing to your clients, and could lose your business. Then comes the website. Building a website to become known in the digital space and keeping the site clean and easy to navigate so all the features of your website can be searched effectively.

SEO Statistics for Wellness Clinics

  • About 40% of companies now sell on social media, and 30% of people say they’ll use social media to shop ( Witty Kitty Digital )
  • 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments. ( Brightedge )
  • Consumers researching physical therapists, nursing homes, and optometrists are the most likely to use search engines. In most major healthcare verticals, over 60% of consumers run a search before scheduling an appointment ( LSA )
  • It only takes 1-6 online reviews for 68% of potential patients to form an opinion about your practice ( RevLocal )
  • You can generate 3X the number of leads using a successful healthcare content marketing strategy and it costs 62% less than other marketing avenues (  DemandMetric )

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How Can We Help With Your Wellness Clinic SEO

We can help by either building you a new website or helping you revamp an existing one. An important aspect is making the website mobile-friendly because the majority of people do local searches on the go. That’s not all though because what good is a website if you aren’t getting any traffic on it. That’s the beauty of SEO. We create content for your website that involves the use of industry-specific keywords. For most places, this usually means we use words in association with cities to draw in local traffic. The final step that we implement apart from the website is the effective use of social media. Social media is a tool that can drive a good amount of traffic to your company before they even know they need your services. Effective social media posts that are viewed by a good amount of people can drive traffic to your website and in turn provide you with more clients.

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