Google Maps Labels Update

Google Maps Lables for Palace Pizza Spaghetti House

Google Maps Labels will be accessible to current or potential customers through Google Street View. These labels will hover over your business in Google Street View and when the label is clicked, your Google My Business listing will be shown. These Google Maps labels are great for getting potential customers who are looking through Google Street View to find out more about your business. Especially those who are trying to learn about a specific area and happen to come across your Google My Business listing.


The user will be able to hover over the Google maps labels while in Google Street View and will see a box indicating the business name, star rating, number of reviews and price indicator. When this box is clicked, the Google My Business listing will show on the left side of the screen.


The user will be able to press on the Google Maps labels of businesses while in Google Street View and it’ll show the Google My Business listing at the bottom of the mobile screen. Here, you can click on the business name on the listing and it’ll open the full Google Maps Listing on your mobile screen.


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