Google My Business COVID-19 Updates

Google My Business COVID-19 Updates

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Google has added an additional section to help businesses inform their customers about recent changes to their operations. If your business has experienced partial or complete changes to how it is operating, it is recommended that you include these changes to your Google business listing as soon as possible.

What COVID-19 updates can I add to my Google My Business listing?

  • If your business is “Temporarily closed” due to COVID-19
  • If you have adjusted your business hours of operation
  • You can add “more hours” to include your other business operations like appointments, delivery, classes, etc.
  • If you are currently experiencing delays for different services you offer

These updates will show on your Google business listing and on Google Maps.

Food and Retail 

Food and retail businesses will be able to add highlighted COVID-19 update attributes to the top of their Google Business listing. This information will let your customers know what changes may have been made to your operations such as, Take-out, Dine in and Delivery options. These attributes will show a green “✓” mark or a red “X” beside to show your customers whether or not your business currently supports these attributes.


If your business usually offers in-home or in-person services and are shifting to virtual forms of delivery, you will be able to highlight these changes on your Google My Business listing. Online tutoring, virtual classes, and video or phone consultations are all services that qualify for the update. Please note that these services must be offered in real-time. If your business currently offers online services, your customers will see a green “✓” mark prominently indicating that this service is available. To access these COVID-19 update attributes, click “Home” and navigate to the “Stay connected during COVID-19” dashboard, then select the services that are offered remotely.


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