How to add your business to Google Map with Google My Business?

Add your business to google maps

Add your business to Google maps

Are you looking to add your business to Google Maps and  Google search with detailed business information? Google My Business is an essential tool to help business achieve their goal on showing up on Google Map and Google Search. It acts as a central hub to manage all your Google presences and enhances the chances to get visible to various local customers. Meanwhile, with the help of Google My Business, you can also interact with your customers, update your business information, and get feedback from the customers through Google reviews.

After realizing the importance of the local online presence, you must be wonder how can you optimize your business profile on Google My Business or Google listing? Here are some tips to optimize your business identity for maximum customer coverage.

  • Create And Claim Your Business Page:

The first and most authentic rule to survive the optimization game is to claim your listing. First, you create a google page, and then you claim the ownership of that page to forbid others making changes. This ensures that the authorized person is handling the business page.

  • Update Information:

The next step is to keep your business information updated for the convenience of the customers. Add your business name, address, and contact numbers for the proper assistance.

Further, you need to keep on updating this information to keep your business approachable.

  • Choose Your Categories Wisely:

Google classifies the search results according to the search categories selected by the business. It is prudent to add specific categories to narrow down your search.

  • Mobile Friendly:

Google My Business provides specific features only target to mobile users, such as message, products etc. Business owner should make sure the mobile features are properly set up on Google My Business to assist mobile users easily find and contact your business.

  • Ensure Consistency:

The information regarding your business available all kinds of online platforms must be consistent with supporting your SEO. Having inconsistent information might hurt your SEO and other online marketing strategies.

Are you thinking about enlisting your business on google my business or google listing? But are you worried about the efforts required to maintain it? How about hiring a professional media agency to handle your google my business or google listing account for you while you pay attention to other core business activities? Let Caiden Media be your partner to handle your online local presence by handling your google my business or google listing account.

​Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding on how to add your business to Google maps.


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