Reasons why it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly website

Mobile Friendly Website

As technology advances so do our society and our practices. A mobile-friendly website is essential for every business or blog. Here are the reasons why

People are constantly on the go 

Have you ever thought of why so many people get their coffee to go on their way to work? Because it’s simply easier. Likewise, making your website mobile will make accessing your website a lot easier. The reason is that people are constantly on the go. It’s essential for any business or blog to be mobile and adapt to our society’s new behaviors.

Easy access 

Immediate access to websites is crucial with social media marketing taking over the newspaper advertisements and TV. Where does that marketing appear? It appears through your social media accounts and your web browsers. When your website is mobile, it’s just a thumb press away. If the website’s not accessible, they most likely won’t visit it on their laptop/ computer, because you required them to do more work. 

Quick responses

When people search a question, it’s mostly through their mobile devices. If your website responds to the person’s question, you just gained an active user/ consumer to your website. This goes hand in hand with easy access especially if you have an E-commerce business You want to make your website available on what people use the most, which is their cell phones. 


People trust websites that don’t fail them. If your website’s mobile, that shows your website’s modern and up to date. It’s a portrayal of the business or blog that they’re adapting with technological advancements. 


People will have a hard time trusting your website if it doesn’t work online. The result is that many websites especially newer ones are mobile-friendly. A website that isn’t might show that your business is not running since it’s not updated to work on a phone

Google will put you first 

Google’s algorithm changed in 2015 to highering a website’s rank that has a mobile-friendly website. Those that are responsive to more than a computer will show up before any other that isn’t. All the reasons listed above are exactly why google would prioritize a mobile-friendly website more in the organic search section.

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